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Vision and Values

‘Together we empower and believe to thrive and achieve’





We will create and lead a centre of excellence in which the educational and therapeutic needs of young people and adults with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) can be addressed effectively and within a learning environment that is safe, relevant, inclusive and purposefully creative and enjoyable. All contributions and achievements will be recognised and celebrated. The high-quality curriculum will be broad, creative and appropriate with and access to the curriculum driven by individual student need. The Beacon College will treat each of its students with respect and ensure that their rights, needs, aspirations and personal preferences remain central to the school’s organisation and they are empowered to benefit from a meaningful, contributing and rewarding adulthood. Our expertise will be shared to promote awareness, social integration and tolerance within the wider community and promote the best outcomes for all young people and adults with SEN in Herefordshire.

Our Statement of Purpose


Together we;

  • Nurture mutual respect, honesty and trust for our surroundings and community.
  • Offer and promote a personalised learning pathway that is both challenging and inspirational, delivered within a positive learning environment that is supportive and caring, encouraging one another to make healthy choices for ourselves.
  • Communicate effectively and in partnership, taking into account the voice of the student.
  • Build resilience and overcome barriers, empowering pupils to achieve personal fulfilment and we recognise and celebrate the talents, achievements and contribution of all our students.
  • Inspire students to develop their independence and take risks so that they experience what the world has to offer and are stimulated to actively contribute to society.