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Community Inclusion

As a specialist provision for young adults, it is essential that we prepare our pupils for participation in the adult world.


We want our pupils to be empowered and to benefit from a meaningful and rewarding adulthood and fully champion the four Preparation for Adulthood principles. One of the Preparing for Adult outcomes is focused on Community Inclusion and 'having friends and relationships and being part of their communities'.


As well as working towards this through our comprehensive curriculum, we also ensure that we give our students as many opportunities as possible to access the local community and participate in classes or events that they will continue to access or participate in when they leave college. 





HALO Leisure Pool Quiet Swim


A group of students attend a weekly quiet time at Hereford Leisure Pool. The swim is open to members of the public and is described as: 

Quiet Time

We make the following small adjustments to create a welcoming, sensory friendly, gentle and relaxed experience:

  • No public announcements on the tannoy system (except in an emergency)
  • No music
  • Lower capacity so fewer swimmers in the pool
  • No jumping or diving
  • No shouting or lifeguard whistles (except in an emergency)

Reducing sensory distractions supports a feeling of safety, peace and calm which we hope will encourage people with dementia and those with autism and their families or simply someone wanting a quieter low key session to enjoy swimming.

Kindle Centre Lunch Club:


Students have had the opportunity to attend a weekly lunch club at the Kindle Centre in Hereford. The club is open to members of the community. During the club, the students and other attendees work together to cook a meal, which they then eat together. 

Houghton Farm Project: 


A group of students from the Beacon visit the Houghton Farm Project every Thursday and Friday during term time. The Houghton Project is a not-for-profit organisation set on a farm between Hereford and Leominster. They provide opportunities for anyone who wants to learn a variety of rural skills, but who may like some support or guidance to get fully involved. 



HALO Leisure Centre Wiggle It fitness class


Every week a group of students are supported to attend 'Wiggle It' at the local Leisure Centre. This is a fitness class for young people with disabilities and something that our students could definitely access in the future as adults. 

Courtyard Theatre, Hereford


The Courtyard Theatre in Hereford offers a variety of classes during the day for adults in the community. 

We have accessed some of these classes to enable our students to become familiar with the environment and to access community groups that they then may access in the future. 


One group our students were supported to attend was 'Singing for Health and Happiness'. 

The Gateway Cinema


Students have been supported to access a variety of entertainment venues, including cinemas such as The Gateway Cinema. These visits enable the students to access environments that they will access as adults, away from their families.