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Pre-Formal Pathway

The main focus of the Pre-Formal Pathway in English is communication.

It is based upon the Adult Core Curriculum alongside the My Communication Equals Curriculum and then adapted to the needs of the students. Skills progression is mapped through Reading, Speaking and Listening and Writing.


Learning is planned to ensure that students work towards their next step on the skills progression through the themes outlined above. Learning is functional and also focussed around communication.


The Pre-Formal pathway for Maths is supported by the equals curriculum, it develops on pupils' interest in the world around them.

Practical tasks are linked with mathematical concepts in order for pupils to explore the world around them using mathematical concepts. Pupils will begin to build on previous skills taught, including further developing their use of mathematical language.


The Pre-Formal Computing (ICT due to the link with the Functional Skills curriculum) curriculum has been mapped using three main Computing strands: Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy. Objectives are mapped across the three strands, including the vital component of ESafety which is also taught in our PSHE curriculum (as outlined below).


Learning is taught alongside Functional English and Maths using the themes outlined above. The main focus of the Pre-Formal pathway is to use technology to support communication.