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Informal Pathway

The main focus of the Informal Pathway in English is communication. It is based upon the Early Communication Skills section of the Specialist Curriculum and personalised using the student’s IEP targets and EHCP outcomes.


The teachers plan the learning based upon the theme outlined in the overview and the student’s individual interests and motivators. Although the focus is still on functional English, the Informal Pathway incorporates stories and texts that will engage the students.


The Maths Informal Pathway links with early thinking skills to develop the mathematical thinking of pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties. This in turn means that during maths lessons pupils will be provided experiences and encourage development of cognitive processes which will promote understanding of the immediate environment and the society in which the pupil lives.

This includes developing sensory experiences in order to allow pupils to explore the mathematical world around them. Pupils will also use this to make clear choices and preferences about their own world.


The Informal Computing (ICT due to the link with the Functional Skills curriculum) curriculum encompasses The Switch Progression Pathway, Early Thinking Skills (Specialist Curriculum), Early Communication Skills (Specialist Curriculum) and the use of personal devices or communication aids linked the student’s individual targets.