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Healthy Minds

Healthy Minds


Healthy Minds is taught as part of the Tutor programme at The Beacon College but is also a pivotal part of the day to promote the health and wellbeing of all students at the college.


Students are taught ways to recognise and communicate how they are feeling and given the opportunity to develop strategies to regulate their emotions.


All tutor groups use a daily check-in board to enable the students to communicate how they are feeling at different times throughout the day.


During Healthy Minds sessions students have the opportunity to develop emotional resilience, growth mindset, to develop strategies communicate feelings and emotions, to practice mindfulness activities (including Mindfulness through Breath, Mindfulness through Sensory Experiences, Mindfulness through Guided Imagery and Mindfulness through Movement) and to learn where they can go to ask for help and seek advice.


The healthy minds learning complements the comprehensive PSHE and RSE curriculum.