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Curriculum Strategy

Curriculum Strategy

Principles upon which the curriculum is based:


As a specialist provision for young adults, it is essential that we prepare our pupils for participation in the adult world: part of that preparation includes access to our specially designed Curriculum for young adults with SEND.


We recognise that preparation for adulthood needs to commence long before pupils reach the end of their time in statutory education.


Preparation for adulthood includes pupils having experience and an understanding of the diversity of the world in which they live; it needs pupils to have the social and emotional maturity and resilience to cope with the stresses and strains of modern society; to be able to advocate their personal aspirations; to be as independent as possible within everyday living skills and to have an understanding of morality, politics and sexuality. We want our pupils to be empowered and to benefit from a meaningful and rewarding adulthood and fully champion the 4 Preparation for Adulthood principles.


Young people should be supported to exercise choice and control over their lives, including the 4 ‘preparing for adulthood’ outcomes:


  • moving into paid employment and higher education
  • independent living
  • having friends and relationships and being part of their communities
  • being as healthy as possible


Our overarching aim and ambition is to enhance and increase progression routes to further education, training and employment, including self-employment, together with smooth transitions into independent living. 


The Beacon College has a key role in shaping the education landscape for future generations of pupils with SEND in the local area.


To successfully achieve these outcomes for our young adults with SEND it is imperative that our curriculum, regardless of the student’s level of ability, reflects the priorities of this age group and has an emphasis away from a more linear student progression model based upon the teaching and generalisation of concepts, towards an embedded model of education which recognises the student’s existing skills and prioritises carefully structured ways of enabling them to be applied in functional, everyday contexts, including independent living and employability.


The diagram titled Curriculum Purpose and Rationale summarises the above.